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Artist Development - 1 Session


*Please do not purchase a session until you have contacted us through BOOK A LESSON and received a response*

Artist Development sessions are consultations to work on developing you as an artist. We'll work on writing songs for you, coming up with a unique and identifiable image, improve your stage craft, work on your interview skills, and much more. We can also assist you with booking gigs, getting interviews, creating an EPK (electronic press kit), assemble your creative team (choreographer,producer,stylist,photogra pher,etc.) and much more.

The Artist Development session fee is the price for our one hour meeting. Certain services will cost an additional fee. For example, if we co-write a song together you will have the opportunity to buy the exclusive rights and copyright of it for a one time fee which will free you from paying future royalties. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What types of of things would you like to work on in your Artist Development sessions?

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