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Singing With Style by Susan Anders


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Singing with Style by Susan Anders is a one of a kind 3 CD vocal training method system. Through classic jazz songs, you will learn essentially everything you need to know to develop a unique and interesting vocal style.


The system is divided into 2 parts. In Part 1, 11 jazz songs are utilized to teach you vocal technique. Each song is turned into an exercise focusing on a certain technique. This is an effective way to get your technique down because you aren’t bored from working with scales all of the time. The main purpose of this section is to warm up the voice. Following all of the tips and examples given throughout by Susan will help you to end up with a performance ready voice.


Part 2 is all about vocal style. You will utilize the same 11 songs as before, but this time focusing on style. Essential style points such as phrasing, scatting, riffing, and much more are all covered thoroughly here. Each style point builds in complexity as the program goes forward which is important because you aren’t just learning the very basics. 


The final section is the music without any vocal over it. This can be used to do your exercises with or just to simply sing the songs. A 4 panel foldout is included with the CDs which provides a track list with full explanations on it, as well as lyrics to each song. 


Although this is a jazz based system, it can be used for any style. I especially recommend this to R&B and POP vocalists who are struggling with riffing and phrasing, as well as people of any genre who are bored with using scales to warm up their voice.

Susan Anders has coached singers for over twenty years in the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Nashville. Her articles on singing have appeared in Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic Musician, and Backstage West, and her instructional books and CDs have been used worldwide. Performers Susan has coached include Josh Gracin, Rose MacGowan, Joey Heatherton, Cedrik the Entertainer, Constance Marie, and L7. She has taught workshops across the US for NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) and been on the teaching staff for the California Coast Music Camp and the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop. Susan has toured nationally as a solo artist, and has performed with a wide range of bands, including a cappella (The Distractions), pop-folk (Susan’s Room), jazz (Straight Ahead), Motown (The Motophonics) and rock (Slantstep). She has released two solo albums and five more with Susan’s Room.