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Singers Workout by Buddy Mix


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‘Singers Workout’ by Buddy Mix is a 105 minute information filled DVD. Although it was filmed in the late 80s, all the information given throughout is still very much effective and useful. The DVD is divided into 5 distinct Chapters. 


Chapter 1 is all about Understanding Your Voice. Buddy gives a detailed explanation of what is happening in your body while you sing, and does so in an easy to understand way. Breathing technique, vocal registers, anatomy, and much more are covered. The use of charts help to make sure you understand what is being covered for each topic. The most helpful technique covered here is a way to check for tongue tension while singing. By doing this, you can easily notice and get rid of the tension, which in turn will free up range and improve your tone.


Chapter 2 focuses on vocalizes for men, and Chapter 3 on women. Buddy’s technique focuses on opening up the falsetto area for men, and the chest for women. In other words, focusing on what needs developed, rather than what comes easily and naturally. 


The first thing covered in the vocalize sections would be air exercises. These begin with lip trills, and go through several different techniques to coordinate breath pressure with your vocal cords. Buddy gives some visualizations that help to open up your range and release tension. 


The breathing exercises in this section are influenced by old school techniques (placing books on your stomach to monitor your breathing), and are extremely effective. Again, Buddy does a great job of explaining the purpose of everything and exactly what should be happening during the exercises. The final two exercises are intended to get rid of breaks in between registers. 


Part 4 covers applying your new techniques to songs. The main idea of this section is to discover the meaning of the song your singing so that you can put your all into it and make it your own. Buddy will show you how to turn each of yours songs into an exercise so that you can master it to the fullest extent. 


Part 5 is the final part, and is a music video of the song worked on during Part 4.


‘Singers Workout’ is a no frills, informative DVD. Buddy has jammed as much information as possible into this 105 minute DVD. It truly is like sitting in on a lesson/masterclass with Buddy, and singers of all genres and levels will benefit from this DVD.


Also available are 30 minute workout CDs with the exercise routine. It is the perfect practice companion to the DVD, and the routine will get your voice perfectly warmed up for a performance or recording situation.



Hi I’m Buddy Mix. I’ve been writing songs since I was a boy. It wasn’t until I met D’Arneil Africa Pershing that I began to take my ability seriously. D’Arneil and I met while I was studying music at UCLA. I mentioned to D’Arneil that I often dreamt songs and he pushed me to write them down. D’Arneil was an arranger for Pat and Debbie Boone, Johnny Mathis, Andy Williams, The Fifth Dimension and others. We ended up recording three songs together at Devonshire Studios, one of which I wrote called “Superman, Where Are You?”, which was recently remixed and rearranged by Denis Couture in Canada. D’Arneil later died on a coffee break, while teaching arranging at USC.

After graduating, I tried to form several original bands, but everyone knows how difficult that can be; BUDDYMIX AND THE BOYS, HSM, NEAR & FAR, CARL NEWTON BAND, etc. I also recorded vocals on many demo songs for various small record companies and studios. After a frustrating recording session with Near and Far, I realized I needed to just try and do my own recordings.

I immediately produced an educational product called “The Singer’s Workout” to share many of the lessons I received while studying voice. The Singer’s Workout DVD has been successfully sold throughout the Guitar Center Stores nation wide and via the internet, to the world. A year later I recorded four accompanying workout Cd’s for vocalist to warm up with, also called the Singer’s Workout, on CD. At the end of the DVD is a guerilla style rock video of a song I wrote and recorded at A&M studios called “Our Love Will Always Win” directed and produced by award winning film star Eric Walker.

In the early 90’s I co-wrote a libretto with Christopher Barnhard, along with my first wife Max Hamiliton Mix, for a rock musical we called “a Little Meditation”. I composed 18 of the 19 songs in that piece. After three years of recording the sound track, we brought the musical to show at the Richard Basehart Theater in Woodland Hills, CA. The Hollywood Chapter of the NAACP original theater award committee, recognized our work and nominated “a Little Meditation” for Best Lighting, Best Choreography, Best Sound Design, Best Costume design, Best Set Design and Best Music Direction. I was given the Best Music Direction award. I also received the George Washington Medal by the American Freedom Foundations for Patriotic Literature for a series of songs I wrote and recorded called We the People, which I performed for the Huntington Beach July 4th parades every year for four years.

In between the Musical, and Rhythms of the Moon I wrote an instrumental sound track for Christina Drozda’s meditational CD titled “Journey into the Land of Meditation” in which I use sound to massage the two hemispheres of the brain. This hemi synching technique, helps to massage the two lobes of the brain into a Theta state of vibration by gently connecting the synapses and thus helping the listener to achieve a deep sense of relaxation. Christina and I have sold thousands of these CD’s privately.
I finished my first solo album, “Rhythms of the Moon”, after three years of evening and weekend recording sessions with Steffen Presley. This was during the end of my first
marriage and divorce, and my father’s death. So, “Rhythms of the Moon” reflects that period in my life. It’s more of soul searching piece.

With the help of the internet and travel back and forth from Sapphire. NC to Los Angeles, CA, I was able to complete my fourth album of songs “Cloud 9″. . Cloud 9 speaks to my new life with River, my wife, and reflects the intense love we share. I’m so glad we decided to move to these mountains, here in this beautiful rain forest, because it has given me a renewed sense of creativity and hope. In fact I have started my next album, which I will begin recording shortly. There you have it. Peace, Buddy Mix